Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and Polishing

When is a scale and polish necessary?

Despite our best efforts, brushing twice a day does not remove all the plaque in our mouths, plaque that remains in the mouth will eventually harden and form calculus or tartar. Manual tooth brushing will not be able to remove this tartar and it must be removed by our dentist at Kotilingam's Dental Clinic.

What can be expected after a scale and polish?

Initially, your gums may feel sensitive, and your teeth may feel "empty". Sensitivity is normal and the sensitivity should subside after a few days, using a fluoridated tooth paste will help with this. The empty feeling will pass as well, and this sensation is usually the result after the tartar between the teeth is removed.

How can I avoid gum disease?

Ways to prevent gum disease include

  • 1) Brush twice a day.
  • 2) Floss regularly
  • 3) Mouthwash should be used half an hour after brushing.
  • 4) Visit our Kotilingam’s Dental Clinic regularly and have a regular scale and polish.
  • 5) Avoid smoking.
  • 6) Eat a balanced diet.